Long Live the Royal Family ?

(*from Rascal’s point of view) I have decided to put the rumors and speculation to rest.  I am NOT,  I repeat NOT the father of the wild baby bunnies that have taken up residence in Mamma’s garden. I mean just look at him, although yes he is an adorable little guy…….. He looks nothing like […]

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Feeling Fed up on a Friday

  from Mamma’s point of view (* Mamma began writing this on a Friday but then became distracted by the cuteness of her critters and family:) Ya know I told myself that I was going to avoid talking about  politics and news since it continues to be  such a volatile, polarizing topic.  However,  in the […]

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12/12/16 Happy Birthday Ella!

From Mamma’s point of view   It’s been almost 8 years now since my mother passed away.  I miss her everyday and when I think of her I often smile for she was quite a character.  A few months after my mom passed, on February 14th 2009 we picked up our new puppy. A little […]

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